Grey Eagle, Choctaw Sundance Chief

Darryl Brown, Chief Grey Eagle of the Choctaw Nation, brings a lifetime of leadership and service to his role on the Adbongo Advisory Board. His current and past work experiences include Elder Advocate for Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Victims Services; Counselor providing “faith-based services for crime victims in Indian Country”; Victims Advocate; and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for natives with disabilities. Advisory Board, Chief Grey Eagle

His spiritual life experience, in his words:

In 1987, when my Choctaw Grandfather who helped raise me, crossed over into spirit world, many things began to show up in waking visions and powerful dreams. Once I fully turned and surrendered to Creator’s voice and the dreams, it all became clearer to leave all the work/jobs and return home, to Hugo, Oklahoma, where I was born and raised with this grandfather and family! In one powerful dream, I saw another native man I did not recognize. Soon he and I met in waking life. He is Choctaw and he understood my dreams and signs that were calling me.

My first Vision Quest was to support this Choctaw elder at the Sundance Ceremony in South Dakota in June of 1995. Then my commitment to the Vision Quest and four years of Sundance began in May 1996 and was completed in 1999. As a helper to the Choctaw elder chief he began to share and teach all that he had learned and was passing the leadership on to me! Through ritual and Vision Quest, I earned the right to be a Sundance Chief. It was completed, and I was honored with this position for the people and All Our Relations!

In 2000 we started a non-profit organization called “Seven Sacred Feathers Society”, a religious order with the State of Oklahoma. *Note: We are in the process of developing a NEW non-profit foundation for which we will apply for 501c3 status.

I am honored to be asked to be on the Board of Advisory for Mr. John Bush to support his dream and vision!

DB/ Grey Eagle Choctaw Sundance Chief
502 N. 4210 Rd
Hugo,OK 74743

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  1. Rosemary Babcock October 28, 2013 at 3:05 am #

    Hello. I am trying to find my Choctaw relatives. My grandmother, Ima Jean Dennie, had a mother named Jewel Patsy Dennie. My aunt told me the mother and father of Jewel Dennie was named Darrell and Amanda Brown. My great grandmother Jewel Dennie, apparently had a good amount of Choctaw blood in her and I was wanting to find out who exactly is Choctaw and how I can go about getting my Native American card. If anyone here can help, I’d greatly appreciate it. My email is Thank you so much. I can already track down my Cherokee blood on my dad’s side, but I would like to track down the rest of my Indian heritage.

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