Everything we do is designed to make your projects run smoothly and efficiently. Zero waste is the strategy that guides us as we design your business and marketing plans. This strategy increases your efficiency, lowers operational costs, is better for the polar bears, and gives you a marketing edge.   

Trained by the best municipal and business zero waste planners in the world, we offer research and planning and the resources of multiple international research institutes.

To Angel Investors and Municipalities, we offer these these services through our bootstrap accelerator program.  Ask yourself these questions first:

Research and Planning Special: Our collaboration with two universities, Southern Methodist University (SMU) and University of North Texas (UNT), combines the enthusiasm and creativity of students, the tested theoretical knowledge and wisdom of professors and the hard-won experience of our professional business development consultants. With a focus on research and planning, our University-Adbongo collaborative vets, validates, guides, tweaks and refines your projects.   More info


Design and Consulting. We offer premium resource efficiency consulting services to make sure your project is designed for the new economy.   Our matrix of experts and resources can provide you with turnkey design, build, and maintenance for your cutting edge project.  More Info


Lean Visas: Through Adbongo’s partnership with Coyote Legal we can assist foreign investors with leaner, greener visas (EB5 visas).  Adbongo provides the business plan needed to obtain the visa, as well as a team to construct, scale, and market your lean, green startup in the USA.   This visa is primarily for foreign investors in Mexico or Canada looking for a “Business in a Box” opportunity in the United States. Uncontested market space guaranteed.

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